Jumat, 17 September 2010

Hand phone Nexian NX-270D melahap 3 sim Card

Nexian NX-270D Trio Three On with 3 SIM Card GSM-GSM-CDMA

Nexian NX-270D Trio Three On is a phone with 3 SIM Cards GSM-GSM-CDMA.
The recommended price of Nexian NX-270D is 999,000 Rupiah.
The social networking such as Y!M, MSN, eBuddi, Facebook and Twitter are still available.
The display screen of Nexian NX-270D is 2.2. inch QVGA LCD.

The following are the specifications in general of Nexian NX-270D:
- Dual GSM + CDMA (Trio Three On)
- 2.2 inch QVGA LCD
- Trackpad Navigation
- Supports Chatting Applications: Y!M, MSN, eBuddy
- Facebook
- Twitter
- FM Radio
- Support Java
- Stereo Speaker
- MP3 Player
- Video Chatting
- Camera
- Bluetooth
- Handsfree
- External Memory
- Language : Indonesian – English

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